Sunday, 5 June 2011

Enslave Your Man

This text file contains sexually explicit
  material. If you do not wish to read this
  type of literature, or you are under age,
Instructions on how to enslave a husband or boyfriend.


You are reading this article because your womanly 
instincts tell you that your life would be enhanced by 
obtaining power over a man. But how do you get one who 
will cater to your every whim? 

How do you find a man who will abase and humiliate 
himself for your pleasure? You want a man who will 
remain naked at all times and lap your cunt on command. 
You want a man who will furnish his huge, hard cock for 
your pleasure rather than his. You want a man who will 
beg you to take him over your knees while you spank his 
ass to redness.

So you want a slave, but how do you get one? Well, you 
could dump the man you have and advertise in the 
alternative newspapers and on the internet. But what 
would you get? A wimp, a slob, a diseased pervert? A 
homicidal maniac? Who knows what's out there.

Be sensible! You've already got a man who appeals to 
you. You wouldn't be having sex with your husband or 
lover if you didn't find him appealing. You already 
know he hasn't any STDs to infect you. You know his 
cock is adequate and his body shape acceptable. There's 
your answer! 

Enslave your lover. Convince him that he wants to 
grovel before you naked and beg to suck your clit and 
lick your twat. Convince him he wants to stand before 
you and whack off before swallowing his own jizz. 
Convince him he wants to serve you and your friends as 
you command.

"Ah," you say. "But how do I do this?" Well, that's 
what you'll learn by reading on. Remember that you have 
three things going for you. Like all men, he wants to 
please you to keep the sex coming. Like all men, he 
subconsciously is fascinated by the concept of a 
dominant, sex-crazed woman. Finally, like all men, if 
he can be made to feel guilty he'll do anything to get 
off the hook.

So here's the plan. There's got to be a special day in 
your lives coming up. Your birthday or anniversary, 
perhaps. It doesn't really have to be special so long 
as you can convince him you think it is. It must be a 
day you can make a convincing case that he should treat 
as special. Then you do your best to direct his mind 
away from remembering it. You want him to forget it, in 
fact. You're looking for guilt, not presents or dinner 

When you've decided on the day, find some subtle way to 
have him spend the bulk of that day doing something for 
his own pleasure. Golf or a hunting trip with the boys 
would be great. The trick is that he must not be able 
to say you suggested it. Perhaps a girlfriend could 
suggest to her lover/husband that he invite your man to 
the diversion. (She may want you to return the favor 
later, especially when she comes to realize how happy 
you are after you have enslaved your man.) This other 
guy, of course, must be an innocent dupe.

So the day arrives. Off he goes, all unsuspecting, with 
a quick peck on your cheek. As he goes out the door, 
you holler after him "See you around 3:00", knowing 
full well there's no way he can be back before 5:00. 
The trap is about to be sprung. To be on the safe side, 
by 3:00 you've bathed and put on your costume. 

Now is not the time for your domina outfit, but dress 
with a few surprises. A shirt without bra and a loose 
skirt without panties will be perfect for today's 
activities. If you often are pantless and braless, then 
go for some other scheme. Perhaps a naked twat framed 
by a grater belt, or crotchless panties. If your tits 
are often naked, then go for a bra with nipple holes or 
a shelf-bra. The idea is to startle and awe him when he 
suddenly realizes what you are wearing. 

You should consider modifying your cunt hair. If you 
have an untrimmed bush, shape it. If it's already 
shaped, consider shaving it completely. If you already 
shave it, highlight it with lipstick. But do this only 
if it will give you a feeling of power when you later 
thrust your pussy in his face for adoration. After all, 
this is about you. Your poise during what is to follow 
is key.

Are you getting the picture? When he gets home you are 
going to throw him off balance. First with guilt and 
then with your lascivious demeanor, body and costume. 
Step by step you are going to get him to submit to your 
will. Today will not see him submitting to a butt-
fucking by the husband of your next-door neighbor while 
your friends cheer, but today will be the start down 
that road. 

Step by step you are going to reduce him to complete 
subservience. Do it right and he will worship your cunt 
in any way that you command. Fuck up and you are no 
worse off than you were-- advertisements are a 
fallback. Today is just the first baby steps towards 
his total subjection to cunt-slave, but you should have 
fun. He will too.

When he comes home lay on the guilt. This is no time to 
be the modern women. Play the poor, downtrodden 
helpless unreasonable female of the old-time movies. 
"Where have you been? You said you'd be home at 3:00 
and it's nearly 5:00?" 

Ignore his protestations that he said no such thing. 
Then lay on the forgotten special day. "How could you 
go off with the boys on the anniversary of our first 
date? (or whatever)" If you can shed a few tears as you 
work yourself into a feigned snit, all the better. No 
man can stand a crying woman. He'll soon be apologizing 
and trying to make amends.

Be inconsolable and direct the conversation. Eventually 
he'll feel guilty enough and upset enough at your 
distress that he'll suggest trying to make it up to 
you. That's your opening, but don't pounce-stalk. "How 
can you make it up?" He'll start to make suggestions, 
but none please you. In fact, the more he tries, the 
more unhappy you become because you deem his 
suggestions inadequate to the offense.

Eventually he must come around to saying "What do you 
want me to do?" This is not your chance. It's just the 
next opening-keep stalking. The answer to this question 
is essentially "As though you'd really do what I 
wanted!" This should get him protesting. "But I will do 
what you want!" Keep stalking even though your cunt is 
beginning to drip.

"Sure you will", with a stamp of the foot and a few 
more tears. "I'll ask you to do something you won't 
want to do and you won't do it." Now we're getting 
there! He's bound to say "Really, Honey, I'll do 
anything you want."


"Sure, Honey, I'll do anything you want."

"I don't believe you," said with a snort and toss of 
the head. 

By now he should be really desperate. 

"But I will, honey, I'll do anything you want. I 

"Yah, but for how long? Two minutes? That won't make up 
for forgetting?"

"For the rest of the day, honey."

"Oh, you think doing what I want for one day will do 
it, buster! No way!" A few more tears of distress. Hold 
out for the promise of at least a weekend. 

"Okay, honey, for the rest of the weekend I'll do 
anything you want, just please stop crying." 

Through tears, "You really will do anything I want for 
the rest of the weekend?" 

"Sure honey, I will. I promise!" He doesn't know yet 
that his ass will soon be red and his tongue will be 
working on your clit.

Pounce time!! "Then take off your clothes!" He will be 
so startled that he can't help but hesitate. Seize the 
moment. "Just as I thought. You say you'll do anything 
I want, but the first thing I ask for you renege!" This 
should be said in high dudgeon as you turn away from 
him and throw yourself on the couch in obvious anger 
and upset. Loud sobs on your behalf won't hurt.

"But why do you want me to take my clothes off?" 

Turn on him.

"Look, buster, why isn't important. You said you'd do 
whatever I want. What I want you to do right now is 
take your clothes off. Do it or forget the whole thing. 
Either you live up to your promises or you don't." 
Stare determinedly at him. Now is not the time to tell 
him that he is about to become your cock-bearing, clit-
lapping cunt-slave.

If he doesn't crumble, then it's back to advertising in 
the mags. Oh, but he will crumble if you've played it 
right to now. Not only does he want to make you stop 
crying, but he is secretly thrilled at the idea of 
stripping in front of you. And strip he does. First the 
shoes and socks come off. (Dull stuff, but necessary.) 
The shirt comes off next, and as he pulls it over his 
head his chest muscles and nipples appear and send a 
thrill through your cunt.

Next he unbuckles his belt as you stare arrogantly at 
him. Maybe he looks up at you. Stare him down, silently 
daring him to stop stripping. He drops his pants and 
steps out of them. If he's the man we think he is, by 
now his cock is straining against his underwear. 
Finally he slips them off, being careful to pull the 
waist-band out around his now straining, rock-hard 

Walk around him staring up and down at his body, 
particularly his cock. When he turns to follow you 
command him "Stand still!" Even better, demand that he 
spread his legs and put his hands behind his head with 
his elbows back. 

After you have stared for a few seconds start pawing 
him. Don't go straight to the cock. Start with his 
shoulders, then his chest, then his butt. Brush your 
hands over his nipples. The move in front of him, grab 
his equipment firmly but not painfully, stare him in 
the eye and say, "The only way you're going to make it 
up to me is to be my sex slave for the rest of the 
weekend." I swear you'll feel his steel-hard tool get 
even harder.

Let go, step back and command him "Get on your knees, 
slave!" If he says "Yes, dear" as he complies tell him 
firmly "That's 'yes, mistress.'" Oops, his cock 
hardened some more. Standing as close to him as you can 
get and staring imperiously into his eyes very slowly 
and provocatively remove your shirt. If you've chosen 
right, he will sink another level into thrall.

Command him to remove your skirt. That should do it. 
Your beautiful cunt in a brand new form will be staring 
him in the face. Your cunt juices will be oozing and he 
will know you are hot for sex. Spread your legs and 
firmly grab his head and pull his mouth toward your 
eager cunt as you say with great authority "Suck my 
cunt, slave, and suck good!"

Now is no time to let ineptitude go unpunished. Move 
his head around to get his mouth and tongue in the 
right place. Give him instructions in a firm and 
imperious voice. "More tongue, slave! Flick your tongue 
faster, slave!" Whatever you want, direct him to do it. 
A man cannot resist a wanton woman.

Now remember. This is baby-step day. You don't want to 
push this too far. Don't make him tongue you for hours. 
Have yourself one little orgasm for now. It's the 
future you're playing for here. Eventually he can be 
made to tongue you for hours with a dildo up his ass 
after he's whacked off and eaten his own jizz if that's 
your heart's desire. But he's nowhere near ready for 
that yet. One step at a time, please!

One more step of subjugation before you reward him by 
riding his cock. It's spank-him time.

Pull away from his tongue and say "Good job, slave, but 
I haven't punished you yet for forgetting our special 
day." Sit down in the chair that you have thoughtfully 
kept nearby and demand, "Over my knees!" 

He may balk, but it's unlikely since he has a rock-hard 
cock that wants nothing more than to ream your steaming 
pussy. And he knows that if he misbehaves it's over. 
After all, you've already cum and even if he knows 
you're multi-orgasmic he also knows you might quit on 
him. If he does balk, remind him of his deal and the 
consequences of reneging.

Either way he'll be over your knees in a flash with his 
hard cock pressing between your red-hot thighs. If you 
can, clamp his cock and balls between your delicious 
legs. It won't really hold him down, but it will give 
both of you a thrill. His thrill is only important in 
keeping him in line.

Now don't just start in beating his ass black and blue. 
At this point you're trying to enslave him, not hurt 
him. That comes much later. So keep the erotic tension 
going for him. Fondle his ass. Squirm a little so his 
cock and balls rub against your thighs. Squeeze and 
release the pressure on his balls. Then slowly, 
fondling in between blows, spank him. 

The object is the maximum noise for the minimum pain. 
Today you don't want him blubbering, you want his jizz 
boiling in his balls. All you are doing today is 
humiliating him so that his innate perversity will make 
him an eager sex slave.

Talk to him while you are spanking. Use words and 
phrases that accentuate your superiority and his 
inferiority. "You've been a naughty little slave. Don't 
ever misbehave again." Give him a peek at the future, 
but don't get ahead of yourself "From now on I expect 
you to please me, slave. I'm going to expect lots of 
sex and on my terms. If you misbehave, you'll get more 
spankings. And from now on there will be no wearing of 
clothes in the house."

By now he may be cumming, so don't push it. Stop before 
you have a load of jizz in your lap. You want him eager 
to go, not deflated with a limp cock. At this point you 
can lead him by his hard pecker, but a soft one will be 

Stop spanking him before it's too late. "In a few 
minutes you're going to use your cock to please me, 
slave. But I need a drink. Go get me a beer!" Believe 
me he'll scamper to the kitchen and bring you your 
favorite quaff. Make sure to stare at his cock and 
balls with a proprietary attitude as he returns. "Now 
go stand in the corner, naughty boy, while I have a 
drink. But make sure your cock will be ready when I 
want it."

If he faces into the corner, all to the good. If he 
doesn't order him to. Make sure he understands that he 
isn't to touch himself. The purpose here is twofold. 
You are still trying to humiliate and subjugate him. 
But you also want him to cool off a little. If you take 
his cock into your cunt now he'll come in two seconds. 
No fun for you and bad for his training.

When you think he's ready to be useful, command him "On 
your back, slave!" Use the bed if you must, but the 
floor is so much more degrading for him. Stand over him 
and let him look at your regal body with its firm tits 
and dripping cunt. Tell him what's about to happen. 
"I'm going to ride your cock, slave. Don't come until I 
tell you to, and when I do tell you to I want floods of 

Slowly and deliberately impale his cock in your cunt. 
If he tries to thrust, order him to stop. Make sure 
you're in command. This is where using your own man for 
a slave will prove useful. You know what rhythm works 
best for him. Avoid it until you want him to come. Use 
some other technique, one that will frustrate him for a 
while. You're teasing him into abject obedience. Have 
fun, but keep thinking. You must defer your ultimate 
pleasures until later. Right now you are capturing a 
slave, not making best use of one.

Order him to serve as your slave. Have him suck your 
nipples, but make him work to obey. Keep them high 
enough he must hold his head uncomfortably off the 
floor to obey. This will help keep his mind off his 
cock a little. Try to have a few quick orgasms, 
reminding him not to come. If you have to, now is a 
time to fake it if you must. (The future-keep your mind 
on the future.) Tell him what to do with his hands-rub 
your tits or ass.

Now at some point he will cum. You can order him not to 
all you want, but this man is not yet a slave. You've 
teased his cock for a good while and his jizz is 
boiling. So you must order him to cum just as he about 
to anyway. (See there are advantages to enslaving your 
own man, because you will know when that point 

The theory of training puppies, babies and sex-slaves 
is that you reward them for good behavior even when the 
good behavior was not intended. The puppy pees outside 
for no particular reason and you praise it. You are 
doing the same thing here. Eventually you want your 
slave to cum on command, but he hasn't a clue about 
that yet. He will learn. So just as you think he can go 
no longer you shout at him "Flood my cunt with your 
jizz, slave." 

Oh, my, but he will comply. His orgasm will be one of 
the most intense of his life, especially if you cum too 
at a 60-decibel level. And guess what? He'll begin to 
equate this fantastic thrill he's just experienced with 
the belief that he did it because you ordered him to. 

Relax. Praise your slave, but remind him that the 
weekend isn't over and you have more for him to do. If 
he's still young he'll be ready again soon. If he isn't 
young you should have ordered him to ingest a viagra 
before you got started. 

Spend the rest of the time being sensuous, sexy, 
demanding, authoritative and horny. Do whatever it 
takes to see that he cums more times during this period 
of slavery than at any time in his life. Now you've 
really got him. He will equate his pleasure with your 

Soon he'll lap when you order. He'll whack off on 
command and eat his own jizz even if it's for the 
entertainment of your bridge club. He'll do anything 
your heart or cunt desires even to sucking another 
man's cock and having a rock hard pecker shoved up his 
ass. It's all up to you. Slowly and carefully, eyes on 
the future.



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    At first I was going to suggest a spell check, now I'm going to suggest a reality check. Porn for lonely angry women written as an instructional. I dare you to try and get any man worth his salt to turn that easily. I'm up for a fight.

    1. your wrong i am a male sub 24 7 i fear my wife daily training she will take all my money soon and i love it she had no money now she has it all i had to pay for sex now she has it all

    2. I really hope you're not expecting and standing ovation.
      I like playing the submissive role in my relationship, and when i do i go 100% to please and serve, it's delightful, but a 24/7? Not really. I love too much variety.

  3. This if fake. No way a superior woman would talk about her own body that lewdly.

  4. If a man is truly a main, his mind is balanced, he will know a relationship is balanced between both male and female equally. f there is imbalance, there is disorder. These kind of men will see directly through your tricks.

  5. What a load of crap

  6. So most of that would have worked until she throws off her cloths. Then the man will know instantly what was going on. We aren't stupid. Hell we would have probably smiled and played a long for a bit before taking charge. Most men are too prideful to be controlled that easily.

    1. these guys sound young what do u say doms a few yrs they will cave


  7. Do you really think that this would work? This might work on a pervert, but not on any man in his right mind. This is a complete load of crap!

    1. find a sub male it works i live it 24 7

  8. I like this story. I remember reading it on Literotica years ago. Here's a copy on asstr:

  9. men will love to be a sub if you are forceful

  10. give in to the woman im a full time slave never been happier ,i get hard when i am told to do chores or pay for sex. i had to sleep on a hard cold floor last nite i didnt sleep

  11. And the kids in the room next door are wondering what all these unfamiliar noises are... Get real lady! There is no way that anyone in their right mind might agree to this. No guys are that stupid.

  12. It may be true. I would love to be a sub

  13. YES: Ma'am VANESSA:
    i asked MASTER WIFE to marry me just to have sex with me, because SHE refused sexual penetration when i was going out with HER.
    Then slowly SHE stopped sex and i was allowed to rub myself to get commies as HER maid slave.
    Now i have signed a WIFE LED MARRIAGE CONTRACT.
    i am a submissive, sissy, wimp, slave househusband
    miss j.

  14. Just blew my load reading this every word is my biggest fantasy ever, right down to her making me suck the neighbours husbans big cock i wish for anything to have my wife treat me this way

    1. what the fuck is wrong with you. you're a disgrace to humanity.

    2. what the fuck is wrong with you. you're a disgrace to humanity.

  15. I wish my wife was like this.

  16. You left a comment on my blog but i can't find it to respond to you