Sunday, 15 May 2011

Domestic Discipline

o most submissive males, Domestic Discipline is the holy grail of loving Femdom relationship. Living in a household where rules are clearly defined by a superior female authority (the dominant wife) is the core of the Femdom lifestyle and a source of inspiration for most Femdom couples.
In a loving Femdom relationship, domestic discipline stands for hierarchic order within a family using disciplinary acts and punitive measures to enforce the dominant wife’s authority over the submissive male husband. This lifestyle is very real, where couples are making a conscious decision to incorporate discipline and authority into their day to day life.
The boundaries are clearly laid and actions have consequences. Those boundaries are typically enforced by the dominant wife on a 24/7 basis. In some cases, a stern look is all it takes to put the submissive male husband back in line, but occasionally losing a privilege or exercising physical punishment is far more effective in making a point.
Domestic discipline is a recipe for true happiness to both parties. It enables a loving and nurturing relationship usually far greater than in most modern households, since there is no power struggle between the genders. The submissive husband simply accepts the dominant wife’s role as mentor, protector and disciplinarian. The wife has the last word, period. The husband is willing to accept absolute control over his life, financially, sexually and socially, because he understands that this disciplinary arrangement is driven by the love of his dominant wife and that she will only correct his ways for his own benefit.


  1. we love our flr. my punishments very,but the best are whips and ropes. i whip my husband almost daily. it keeps him humble and clear headed. for quick punishment i will have him give me his belt and raise his hands and hit him a couple of times. for more sever punishment i will have him go hang himself naked from the rafter of our shop. when i get around to whipping him, i use a heavy flogger he made for me. usually about 20 licks all over his body and he is crying and begging me to stop. i let him down and we go on about our day.

    1. Hi I love your Post and I have a question about punishing my husband. someone suggested to me a couple weeks ago that from time to time along with his regular spanking I give him - that I need to have him strip and then put him on his back on the bed with only a leather thong on and put him in leg cuffs and pull him up so his legs are spread and his Butt Crack are in the Air So his inner Thighs and the inside of his Crack can be lashed when he commits more serious infractions. Maybe you can suggest what I can use to discipline these area with without doing any serious damage. Thanks Milley

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  2. For me punishment is my reward for obedience, a job well done.

    My mistress wife who's property it is my privilege to be knows full well that I really enjoy having her beat me, and therefore withholds it if my behaviour is not up to her requirements.

    However, when she is pleased with what I have done, she will say "Would you like your to have your reward now".

    To which I always reply "Yes please mistress" She then gives me what I long for, when she has finished, I am required to kiss her feet, and thank her several times for the reward she has just given me.

    She will then say "Enough, no problem, it's my pleasure"

  3. My new owner than said, Is there anything you would like to ask me ?

    Yes please Mistress, I replied, so far all that you have done has given me pleasure, If I am to demonstrate my devotion, I must cost me something, I must experience pain.

    No problem She replied, follow me.

    She took me naked down into the cellar, fastened my wrists together, and secured them to a steel hook attached to the ceiling. She then separated my feet and clamped them to the opposite ends of a short wooden beam, after which She covered my mouth with several strips of sticky tape.

    All this was done in complete silence. She then left the cellar, and went back up stairs for a while. Leaving me strung up for an indefinite period to contemplate what She would do to me when at last She condescended to return.

    On the wall in front of me were erected two large full length mirrors, so that I could see Her behind me as She punished me. This was done with a broad leather belt.

    Again this was done in total silence, She never said a single word, and I could not make any sound due to the gag. The only noise to be herd was the sound of the leather belt as it struck my flesh

    She took Her time, She was in no hurry. there was as much as ten seconds between each blow. After She has given a dozen or more strokes, She left once more for an unspecified time, before returning to continue my punishment which hurt a great deal.

    However, the knowledge that I was completely helpless, unable to move, and totally in Her power for as long as She liked, was joy unspeakable.

    When She at last released me, I knelt down in front of Her, to kiss Her feet, and thank Her profusely for what She Had done.

    Only when She said “That’s enough” did I stop.

  4. Thank you Anonymous for your brilliant post of 18 April 2013 18:51

    It is for me a huge turn on, I envy your husband, what wouldn't I give to have you punish me in the same way you punish him.

    It would be a great reward for me to know that my pain was your pleasure.

    Your slave.

  5. I am a 56 yr. old male married to a 45 yr. old Dominant Superior Female. We have been married for 15 yrs. She has been my Dominant Mistress since we were dating. I come from a Matriarchal Led Family. My Awesome grandmother and my No Nonsense Mother were both strict disciplinarians who specialized in sound firm well administered over the knee bare bottom spankings with solid old fashioned wooden hair brushes and oak paddles. When I was spanked my bare bottom was well blistered and super crimson red. My dear mother was kind enough to fill my bride to be on how to keep me in line well behaved and well trained. She informed my Queen Janet on how best to spank me into submission and the best ways to do effective scolding before during and after followed by ample corner time. She also educated her on the benefits of regular enema administration. I am soundly spanked on a regular basis and I have been frequently spanked in front of my Mother and two of my Mistress Queens best Dominant Female friends. My Queen also gives me a regular dose of reverse penetration using several vibrating strap on dildos. I am Her total submissive in every sense of the word. I feel so totally loved and pampered by a Super Queen and Mistress who has taken complete and total control of me and every degree of my mental and bodily functions. I am so happy content and as fulfilled as a real submissive male could hope pray of dream of.

  6. everything on this site is true for me, we as men must do as our owner demands. I prefer direct talk , not hints as some say. Get on your knees works for me .I know not to disobey. I used to want it only when I wanted sex. Now I want to be disciplined always. nd I never will say no to a request in fear of losing what i want most to be a 24 7 slave. I once was caught going to a massage parlor and getting a handjob. For this I was beaten the worst of my life ,my ears were ringing. Ever since I have been a 24 7 sub. I have told her to take all my money and house, after she threatened divorce. I beg her not to leave me. I feel by putting our joint acct money in her name I will show her i am truly ready to submit, money is power. I must ask permission to cum or leave the house. I must show receipts for all purchases and do not go out as much since i am interrogated every time i do. All of this was brought on by me and i will pay for my mistakes. Men do not need nice .nice means weak .Pain we get torture teasing, ballbustin

  7. if your newly married u may have to start slowly. It took a while for me to submit totally. Year 1 25% of the time ( when I wanted sex) yr 5 75% of the time I was sub. Yr 10 90%. By yr 15 I was 99% sub. After 20 yrs full time sub and I never want freedom. I can have sex daily the way she wants. She gets 3 hrs oral a day if she wants. I am allowed to jerkoff looking at or licking her ass if I am lucky. She never has to blow me or have intercourse if she doesnt want to ,i accept this. I tell her I must pay for sex she takes the cash. I promised her a million to make me into a slave. She thought I was joking. I AM NOT. So everything I own is hers. A huge feat since I owned a home before we met she had no money. the power of pussy.

  8. 5 rules for guaranteed control:
    1) find a partner that desires to serve 24/7 for the rest of his life. All men will do this for a good sexlife. This does not mean intecourse, merely being given permission to cum.
    2) control his orgasms all of the time. He is only allowed to cum when he is good.
    3)Men understand pain. What better way than ballbusting. I feel the power shift with every hit to my most sensitive area.
    4) Men love to have sex with many women. Bondage prevents this. so will a chastity device like "the curve", if trust is an issue both are imperative. The bondage may be enough. It makes me grateful to be freed.
    5) The sub male must be open to interrogation. We are not trustworthy ,unless we confess every thing we do and think. Thought proceeds all actions, so control the subs thinking to control subs actions.
    6) financial control- Men get into trouble with money.A man would rather pay for sex ,than do without it.Start with $10, than 100 then 1000 soon you will have everything, and sub cannot get in trouble. If you have a joint account look at the spending daily and question the sub during training sessions, this will be something for a sub to look forward to. question email me at I am joe I have wanted this flr dom/ sub relationship as long as I could remember .Been in a committed relationship 23 yrs

  9. I spent 12 years happily married as a properly submissive and obedient husband, completely under my loving by very Dominant ex-Wife's authority. In fact, when we got married I took the wedding vow to obey my Wife, and I took Her name in our marriage, and became the lawfully wedded mr. Christina.
    My Wife was loving and affectionate, but also a firm-Handed Disciplinarian. She did not tolerate any sort of husbandly misbehavior, disobedience, or back talk. I admired and respected deeply for being Woman enough to assert Her rightful authority over me in our marriage, and for being Woman enough to be the undisputed Head of the household.
    I sincerely believe Matriarchy is the future of our society, and Female led relationships and Wife led marriage will eventually become the social norm.
    Given an understanding of Matriarchal history, I believe Dominant Women and submissive men actually represents a restoration of the original gender roles, and still today represents the most ideal, and most natural gender roles for marriages and relationships.
    I only hope someday I will be a loving and Dominant, Disciplinarian Ms. Right once again.


  10. Jackie
    My first wife's standard form of punishment involved the use of clothespins.
    We had an eyehook on tthe inside of our closet door and I had made a spreader bar out of a 1 inch dowel rod and two eye hooks. When I upset her or didn't obey I was given clothespin time. Clothespin time could be 10 minutes or a half hour. She would bind my hands over head to the eyehook and then used the spreader bar to make sure my balls and cock were very handy and assessible. Then she would scold me, then place thos damn clothes pins all arounf my cock and balls. She then would look at the clock and coordinate my punishment time. Usually she would lay on the bed and read or watch TV while I skipped and twistred suffered and moaned in pain. She quickly learned that the most sensitive place was the underneath side of the balls. I also am circumsized and she would place those damn clothespins right on the lip of the head of my cock. She made a rule, that if I twisted and struggled too much and any one of those clothespins come off, that she would replace the clothespin, but reset the clock and we would start all over.
    I would watch her lay there sipping on her drink, smoking a cigarette and totally ignoring me and my suffering. Let's say she never felt sorry for me.
    But when she took off the clothespins. Oh my God. It was then that my scolding really began. She would twist those clothespins and almost always rip them off. I would be begging and very repentent for my misdeeds.
    I almost always ended up on my knees in pain once I was released. My balls and cock, particularly the the rim of my cock head hurt for a week.
    My wife carried clothespins in her purse all the time. Sometimes if we were visiting or away for the night. If I embarassed her or disobeyed, she'd take out those clothespins from her purse and I would have to stand with my hands over my head.
    Who needs a whip or a paddle. Those clothespins were terrible.