Sunday, 15 May 2011

Train Your Husband to Be Slave

Training your husband to be slave; a common desire among dominant women like yourself. If your husband has a submissive side, it can be achieved in under a week. There are two steps: bringing out his submissive side and then teaching him to serve you. Begin by changing your sex life. The next time you have sex, make him concentrate on pleasuring you. If he fails to make you happy, punish him (light smacks or name-calling). Do no do anything for his pleasure. Tie him up and pleasure yourself. When he speaks to you punish him and tell him to call you Mistress. If your husband is immensely aroused then you will know he is submissive at heart and can easily be trained to become your slave.
When you know he is submissive you can train him to serve you. The easiest way to get control of him, while you are new at this, is by not letting him orgasm. He will become so aroused that he will do anything to please you. Take what you have done in the bedroom into your normal lives. Tell him to call you Mistress. Speak sternly to him and tell him what he must do to make you happy. When he fails then punish him. Continue to prevent him from having an orgasm. Make him pleasure you sexually throughout the day, each and every day. At the end of the week, on say a Sunday, sit down with him, have him kneel at your feet, and explain to your submissive husband that you are tired of games and want to permanently change your relationship. Tell him you will become his Mistress. If he says yes, which they almost always do, you will have a new slave husband.



  1. J'adore Votre texte...Toutes les Femmes doivent suivrent Vos instructions...Chaque Femme mariée doit avoir un slave..à leurs pieds..
    Je m,appelle vous invite d'en discuter sur mon courriel :

    I love your text..!!!

  2. This is good advise and pretty much how my wife made me her slave! First she denied me any sexual release after several weeks i was so frustrated i would have done anything to get relief...she would come home from work and tell me to kneel at her feet i had to remove her boots and massage her feet this soon became kissing and licking her feet followed by oral sex for her! I always thought that i would earn me sexual release by pleasing her but although she would rub me she always stopped before i had an orgasm laughed and sent me for a cold shower. Very occasionally when she wanted full sex i got release. Soon she had me doing the housework she would inspect my work and if not up to standard she started using the cane on me.The punishments gradually increased and became more severe on one occasion she caught me masturbating and punished me mercilessly with the cane.She now has me totally under her control both in my daily life and sexually.

  3. My husband is my total slave,in the outside world he is a powerful guy at work,in private he is my slave. I do intend to alow mysister to use his=m as she always liked him,but for now he is mine

    1. Oh come on, what a fake post.. allowing your sister to use him? Admit it, you're a dude typing your fantasies on here

  4. Women are without doubt the superior sex, they are more intelligent, more knowledgeable, wiser, cleverer, more articulate, better educated, better informed, better manipulators, are so much more attractive than men, have lovely silky smooth skin, beautiful hair, their complete overall body shape is far superior to ours, their clothing is far better than ours.

    I other words they are “Perfection”, and therefore, deserve to be kept continually in a state of idle luxury, at our expense.

    We males should realize that we are only here to be used by women for their pleasure, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement. To do all the housework, cleaning cooking, shopping excreta, and thereby enable our owners to enjoy a life of comparative ease, whilst at the same time exercising complete and total authority over a member of the inferior sex.

    Any male who a woman chooses to use as her slave should consider it an honour to have been selected by her. In fact he should worship her as the Goddess she is.

    We males are so abysmal that we are not worthy to lick the dirt off their boots.

    When however, one of us is chosen to be used by a woman. Then he knows that he has been considered worthy to lick the dirt off her boots.


  5. i turn my husbands and his boys into slaves for me and my girls

  6. I myself is a slave of my wife. She is beautiful , gorgeous. She loves me truely. We are married since last April. She has taken the charge within the bedroom from the very first night and made me under her feet. Sometime we try our mistress-slave relation outside of our bedroom also. I serve her as she orders me. For any kind of mistakes she gives me punishment as she wishes to. In fact she is totally different within our bedroom or when we are together alone. She is so strict and firm while training me or punishing me that I rarely become able to speak a single word in front of her. She keeps me nude and make me serve her. I wash her feet and massage her body and then go for her clothes to wash. After doing this I clean her toilet her footwears. Also I am to make tidy our room and furnitures. Then I go to iron her clothes. I am to finish all these regular work within an hour and then to wait under her feet for her commands while she watches T.V. I am strictly ordered to do my works within time otherwise my punishments are severe and I am afraied of that as i have received it many times. But after finishing it in time very often I am to wait for her commands for a long time when she use as her foot rest and wathches T.V. She does not speak too much if any thing wrong is done by me. She just notes it down and return to her work. Each and every point she explains when she tortures my genital during my punishment session and for each hard strokes I am to thank her kissing her feet. At last when she is satisfied punishing me for my betterment she goes to sleep kissing me a lot. I massage her arms and feet as She gets tired of punishing me. At every weakend she likes to be aroused orally of by penitration. When I get a chance to sleep with her to sex it is heaven comes on earth and my beautiful gorgeous wife my mistress hide me within her breast with love.

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  8. Men should stay under her mistress feet and obey whatever she says

  9. yah. . I always try to obey her each n every single word she orders me. In fact I rarely disobey her. If i make any small mistakes she gives me harder punishment as she thinks I really deserve. Yesterday night during my reguler torture session I just forgot to kiss her feet for her last two bold kicks of total 20 number of kicks. For this mistake she just started to kick my penis agin and last for another 10kicks and then inserted her finger in my penis and kept it for 5 mins and I badly prayed in pain to make me free.. I am trying to make me flawless slave but still I'm far away my mistress says.

  10. For 17 years I have been immersed in this. I don't have a thought my wife hasn't given me. She controls me to the point of owning my thoughts. There is a oneness that is a natural law of marriage but the husband is all gone. My favorite place to shop is Bath and Body Works. Just as an example. My golf clubs were sold and so were my rifles. For her new car. I am part of her groups now. I get $20 a week for personal needs. The rest of our income is hers. I do not feel in need because as she fulfills her needs, she's fulfilling mine. Because I am now her. It's as peaceful an existence as I've ever had.

  11. My wife keeps me in a CB 6000 and only allows me to orgasm maybe twice a year. Added months are given for poor attitude or housework. I do all of the housework, washing , ironing and prepare most meals. My wife plays golf and tennis 7 days a week as well as going to the gym and lunch with her friends. When she gets home from golf, I must give her a ful body rub after she showers. This includes her pussy, and she cums about 5 times. Then she tells me to go clean while she takes a short nap. I love my life.

  12. WOW, JUST WOW!

    Any man foolish enough to marry these days deserves exactly what he gets.